Wood Fuel Heating Specialists

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Environmental Policy

LC Energy (LCE) is a company specialising in low carbon energy services and wood fuel supply, to the public and private sectors.

LCE is aware that its activities have the potential to affect the environment locally, regionally and on a global scale. As such, LCE will operate an Environmental Management System compliant with the requirements of ISO 14001:2015.

This policy acknowledges LCE’s responsibility to implement the best possible environmental practice. To enable LCE to achieve this, all those in the business will support the following objective:

A commitment to prevent pollution by managing all operations with diligence.

The rationale for LCE’s commitment to equal opportunity and diversity includes:

1. An understanding of the importance of opening the business up to all sections of the community. To identify and develop the skills and talents offered by members and potential members of LCE, to their and LCE’s benefit;

2. The awareness that, in addition to being illegal and immoral, discrimination is also wasteful;

3. The recognition of the negative impact on individuals of the effects of discrimination in terms of attainment, career progression, self-fulfilment and self-esteem.

A commitment to continual improvement in our environmental performance, LCE will employ the best control mechanisms, practices and procedures that are technologically sound and economically viable.

LCE Senior Management will ensure that effective environmental operating procedures are implemented and followed, in order to mitigate all potential risks to the environment, resulting from the business activities of LCE.

Identify and comply with all legislative and other environmental requirements relevant to our business. Including; RHI, EN plus, REA, BSL, Woodsure plus, FSC, BM TRADA, WHA, FTA, UKAS and Grown in Britain.

All timber will be sourced from the UK, with more than 70% coming from sustainably managed woodlands.

Provide a framework within the Environmental Management System to set and review a series of objectives and targets. An effective program shall be implemented to ensure the achievement of these through periodic monitoring of the objectives listed and the implementation of regular auditing.

Encourage current and future use of sustainable supplies, where costs allow, and create awareness of environmental and sustainability issues for all staff through employee development and training, using compliance with the ISO 14001 Standard as the very minimum requirement.

Maintain company vehicles and optimise transport efficiency as far as reasonably practical, with due regard to environmental issues.

LCE will endeavour to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste produce as far as practicable, leading to the conservation of natural resources. This includes the reduction of energy waste and waste water, the reuse of materials, such as bark and waste ash as fertiliser and the recycling of all paper and cardboard.

Encourage any organisation sub-contracting to us to be more environmentally aware and to adhere to our environmental operating procedures whilst working at any of our sites.

This Policy shall be communicated to all LCE employees and sub-contractors alike.

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