LC Energy
Drivers & Vehicles

At LC Energy we have considerable experience of delivering bulk blown wood pellets. Our drivers are of the most experienced in the UK and we place customer satisfaction, safety and quality at the heart of our service.

LC Energy
Drivers & Vehicles

LC Energy has several distribution hubs across the South East which ensures that we can guarantee a prompt response and lead time for a delivery with minimal carbon footprint.

For blown pellet deliveries we typically use 6 or 8-wheeler lorries these require safe and easy access to your property – please consider this and let us know about any potential access problems when enquiring about a bulk blown wood pellet delivery. Our team can take the time to evaluate site access and storage facilities to ensure our customers receive the optimum bulk blown wood pellet delivery.


Tipped Deliveries

Bulk pellet deliveries are generally blown but tipping is also possible subject to a site visit prior to a bulk blown pellet delivery.

Delivery Vehicle Dimensions

LC Energy delivery vehicle dimensions are: 9.8 metres long, 2.52 metres wide, 4.25 metres high with a turning circle of 12.5 metres. The maximum gross weight is 32 tonnes.

Blower Pipes

Up to 20 metres is the optimum pipe length for a blown delivery, however, in some cases we can blow up to 30 metres if required. To reduce pellet degradation bends in the pipeline should be avoided wherever possible and an impact protection mat installed within the silo.

Dust Extraction

Each delivery vehicle is equipped with a mobile dust extraction device. Please note an external power point providing a 16amp, 3 pin connector is required, otherwise the conventional dust sock will be used.

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