Woodland creation is key to reach net zero emissions by 2050.


LC Energy is perfectly placed to link corporations who are wanting to make a tangible contribution to the environment and working towards carbon neutrality in 2050 with landowners, both public and private, to facilitate the planting and sustainable management of new woodland to provide carbon offsetting in the future.

LC Energy can manage the entire project from new woodland design, planting of trees, woodland grant applications to woodland management over 30 years ensuring the validation and verification of woodland creation projects.

The creation of new woodland ensures carbon credits are held within the UK, creating jobs, improving biodiversity, generating positive sustainability messaging and avoiding potential future government penalties on organisations that fail to meet carbon targets in 2050.


We have long-standing partnerships with Surrey County Council, local estates, the Forestry Commission, the Environment Agency, Land and Water Group, forestry contractors and consultants. We can help organisations plant trees in woodlands independently audited and verified under the UK Woodland Carbon Code.

The Woodland Carbon Guarantee is a government scheme designed to encourage woodland creation in England. The scheme gives suppliers the option to sell carbon credits to the government at a guaranteed price every 5 or 10 years until 2055/56.

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