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Sustainability Policy

LC Energy (LCE) specialises in delivering renewable energy solutions to domestic and non-domestic customers and providing Sustainability and Carbon Footprinting services to SMEs.

Sustainability is a core company value, and this policy acknowledges our responsibility to work towards a more sustainable future.

We are creating a culture of sustainability by working in partnership with our team, clients and suppliers to play a positive role in society through good business ethics and responsible environmental management.

We are committed to making continual improvements throughout our sustainability strategy by utilising a ‘People, Planet, Profit’ approach.

1. A Sustainable Culture – Enable and raise the capability, knowledge and understanding of our entire team, customers and contractors to create a Sustainable Culture.

2. Safe and Well – Provide a positive and desirable work environment that supports and enables the physical and mental health, safety and well-being of all our employees, to flourish.

3. Diversity and Equality – Increase the socio-economic well-being of all our employees, through the continued development of their skills, paying the fair living wage and promoting equal opportunities for all.

4. Community Engagement – Continue to play an active role in the community by working with local people, businesses, and charities.

1. Climate Change Mitigation – From the fuel that we produce to the way that it is delivered, we will be a carbon neutral company by 2025 and Reach Net Zero by 2030.

2. Closed Loop Supply Chains – From office to site, we will increase resource efficiency through correct waste management (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), becoming a zero waste to landfill company by 2025.

3. Sustainable Woodland Management – We will continue to source biomass materials from sustainably managed and accredited woodlands.

4. Environmental Management – We are committed to preventing pollution and will continue to reduce and monitor our air, water and noise pollution across all operations, sites and depots.

5. Ecology – We will improve the ecological value of all our sites and depots.

1. Profitability – We will sustain and develop a profitable, successful and long-term business.

2. A Circular Economy – We will increase supply chain efficiencies and drive greater resource productivity, creating a more competitive Circular Economy.

3. Research and Development – We will continue to work with educational bodies and research institutes to promote STEM education to young audiences and to gain a better understanding of our social and environmental impacts.

4. Push the Boundaries – We will continue to develop more sustainable products, technologies and supply chains.

Our goals, laid out in this policy, will be measured through clear objectives and quantifiable targets, all of which can be found in the ‘LCE Our Roadmap to Net Zero’. These goals will be delivered by working with our stakeholders to encourage and embed best practice, culture and behaviour.

It is our policy for now and for the future and above all, it is the right thing to do.

This policy is reviewed, at least, yearly.

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