By supporting local timber growers, we are investing in both the woodland management cycle and the longevity of Britain’s woodlands and forests.


Wood fuel supply chains begin with woodland management – the sustainable cycle of woodlands which are harvested and replanted responsibly. It is at the heart of LC Energy’s business.

LC Energy sources timber entirely from sustainably harvested, virgin wood as close as possible to our wood fuel hubs. Each tree is felled under either a licence from the FSC or the Forestry Commission. The FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) is an international, non-governmental organisation dedicated to promoting responsible management of the world’s forests. The Forestry Commission acts under woodland management schemes that promote and encourage better woodland growth, increased biodiversity, rural economic development and – importantly – long term renewable timber resources.

In recent years the increasing demand for wood fuel across the UK has led to an increase in the value of low quality timber, from woodlands large and small. But it is not just the domestic hardwood log market that is fuelling this revolution, wood chip boilers are being installed to supply larger buildings, homes and offices with sustainable heating which has improved the market for low grade softwood.

We work with many of the leading rural and forestry professionals and can provide expertise and knowledge in each aspect of the supply chain. We can work with landowners from the initial stage of the woodland planning to cutting, extraction and haulage and provide all or some of these services as required. We can accept timber delivered into our hubs, or it can be stacked at rideside for up to 12 months before collection and delivery to our hub for chipping.

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