Biomass is the use of organic matter as fuel for the generation of heat and or electricity. Whether you want a biomass heating system, CHP system, or just top-grade wood fuel for a family home or an international airport, we have the expertise, experience and management systems to deliver the best possible renewable solutions.

Sustainable Wood Fuel Supply

As a leading wood fuel supplier our timber is
legally & sustainably sourced within the UK

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Specialists in Biomass Energy

Harnessing the power of organic matter, biomass serves as a sustainable fuel source for generating both heat and electricity. Whether you’re seeking biomass engineering services or high-quality wood fuel for diverse settings—from family homes to bustling international airports—we possess the expertise, hands-on experience, and robust management systems to deliver the best possible renewable solutions.


We deliver sustainably sourced FSC, Woodsure & BSL accredited wood chip.


We supply blown ENplus A1 & BSL accredited wood pellets directly to your fuel store.


Place your online order for bagged ENplus A1 & BSL accredited wood pellets.

Biomass Engineering Products

Biomass Engineering

We have the expertise, experience and management systems to service and maintain biomass boilers, solar thermal systems and heat pumps across the South East to all our customers in the public, private and commercial sectors. 

Consulting Services

Every business is different, every supply chain has a different set of trials, tribulations and needs. We will carry out a sustainability audit to ascertain the biggest impacts on your business and identify where you should prioritise your efforts.

Our Sustainability Consultancy experts will produce an audit report, sustainability policy, a bespoke strategy document with a breakdown of short, medium and long-term goals. Our team are on hand to give you the best tailored advice and provide ongoing support for development and implementation for sustainability to be effectively embedded into operations, products and services, marketing and communication across your business.


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