Woodsure Certification: Ensuring Quality and Sustainability in Wood Chip Production

Ensuring the sustainability and quality of wood fuel is of paramount importance to maintain the delicate balance between meeting our energy needs and preserving our forests.

Woodsure’s wood fuel quality assurance scheme comprehensively checks wood fuel producers to ensure that they produce and supply wood fuel to the highest quality standard in the UK.


What is Woodsure?

Woodsure is a UK wood fuel quality certification scheme, designed to guarantee the quality and sustainability of wood chip production. This accreditation provides assurance to individuals and businesses that the wood chip they source meets rigorous environmental and quality standards.


Is LC Energy Woodsure Certified?

LC Energy proudly holds the Woodsure certification and has done so throughout our entire trading period, this certification reflects our dedication to sustainable and high-quality wood fuel production and distribution. It not only assures our customers of the sustainability and excellence of our wood chip but also reinforces our customers’ commitment to responsible forestry and the advancement of renewable energy production.


What assessment process does LC Energy undergo to achieve the Woodsure Certification?

To achieve the Woodsure certification standard, LC Energy undergoes rigorous independent assessments of our supply chain and production depots, with regular monitoring to ensure continued compliance with the Woodsure Certification standards.

This comprises regular quality assurance checks analysing wood chip samples to ensure they meet the specific particle size, moisture content and calorific value, which is sent for independent testing.

Compliance assessments are also carried out to ensure that LC Energy meets the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) eligibility criteria, which includes sourcing wood from sustainable forests, complying with relevant environmental regulations, and maintaining transparency in our supply chain.

Furthermore, frequent site audits are conducted to assess LC Energy’s facilities and processes, including the handling, storage, and transportation of our wood chip.


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