Sustainability Plan

“We are creating a culture of sustainability by working in partnership with employees, clients and suppliers to play a positive role in society through good business ethics and responsible environmental management.”

Our Plan for a
Sustainable culture

Sustainability has been at the forefront of our business model since day one.

Through our commitment to responsible and sustainable sourcing of raw materials and a strong environmental policy our sustainability journey has already begun.

The aim of this strategy is to establish a clear and concise plan for the company to create a culture of sustainability.

Above all, it is the right thing to do.

Our Sustainability Plan

Our Strategy
for sustainability

The scope of our strategy is far reaching. Our approach encapsulates all Social, Environmental and Economic aspects of our company and its supply chain. We have structured our strategy into three sections;

An Extraordinary Workplace – is about developing our workforce and our supply chain, embedding a culture of sustainability.

A Positive Mark on the Landscape – is about improving the operations and procedures within our supply chain, through responsible environmental management.

Economic Viability – focuses on continuing to be a competitive and profitable business, driving change through research, development and productivity.

Our approach to
achieving goals

Our goals will be achieved by working with human nature to encourage and embed sustainability values, behaviours and practises across all areas of the company.

Building strong partnerships throughout our supply chain will help drive change and be imperative to our success. By working with our partners and stakeholders we can devise solutions to; reach our goals, improve the efficiency of our supply chain and initiate change, creating a future where our business, people and environment can thrive.

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