Bulk Blown
Wood Pellets

We have the expertise, experience & management systems to deliver premium wood fuel and bulk blown wood pellets across the South East to all of our customers in the public, private & commercial sectors.
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Bulk Blown Wood Pellets

We Supply
BSL Bulk Blown Wood Pellets

LC Energy supplies premium quality bulk blown wood pellets that are manufactured to the highest quality specification. All of our wood pellets are certified to the European ENplus A1 standard and are BSL authorised for assured low emissions, trouble-free heating with high energy value.

LC Energy drivers and specialised pellet delivery vehicles are certified to the European ENplus standard.

All our pellets are made from sustainably sourced FSC certified virgin softwood or sawmill off-cuts compressed to produce 6mm pellets, with a low moisture content between 8-10% for an ideal fuel for your pellet boiler, whether you are heating your home or your business.

Bulk Blown Wood Pellets

We understand the critical importance of continuous wood fuel supply at a competitive price. Our team will take the time to evaluate site access and storage facilities to ensure our customers receive the optimum bulk blown wood pellet delivery.

The wood pellets are blown from our specialist vehicles for larger silos and are tailored to the client’s requirement and to suit their demand.

Our bulk blown wood pellet deliveries operate across Surrey, Middlesex, Essex, Kent, Sussex and throughout the South East by our drivers who are of the most experienced in the UK and are specially trained in bulk blown wood fuel deliveries.

To order a bulk blown wood pellet delivery or request a quote please contact us.

LC Energy Drivers & Vehicles

Our drivers are experts in bulk blown wood pellet deliveries.

Wood Pellet Quality & Storage

All of our wood pellets are the highest quality specification.

Bulk Blown Wood Pellet FAQs

We can answer your bulk blown wood pellet questions.

We’re here to help you with your requirements. Speak to our Experts. 

We’d love to talk to you, get in touch with your heat requirements. We can help answer your renewable energy questions.

About LC Energy


How many wood pellets do I need?

The amount of wood pellets you will need depends on energy requirements and the size of your boiler. Please contact info@lcenergyoriginal.local for more information.


As long as pellets are stored correctly, and remain dry, they have an infinite shelf life. It is essential however that they remain dry in order to work efficiently.

How eco-friendly are wood pellets?

All of our wood pellets are produced to the highest quality A1 specification, which are accredited through European EN Plus. This means they produce low emissions and trouble-free heating with high energy value.

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