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National Tree Week: Fostering Sustainable Forestry for a Greener Tomorrow

National Tree Week is an annual event dedicated to celebrating the importance of trees and promoting tree planting and care. In the United Kingdom, National Tree Week typically takes place in late November or early December. The initiative aims to raise awareness about the benefits of trees, such as their role in providing oxygen, supporting biodiversity, absorbing carbon dioxide, and the importance of sustainable forestry practices.

Responsible Woodland Management

At the heart of National Tree Week lies a commitment to responsible woodland management. Embracing sustainable forestry practices ensures that our forests are not just preserved but thrive. This includes responsible and legal timber felling, protection of biodiversity, and creating a harmonious balance between human needs and environmental preservation. Sustainable forestry practices extend beyond the immediate benefits. They encompass a vision for the future, ensuring that our woodlands thrive for generations to come.

LC Energy’s Commitment

This National Tree Week, at LC Energy we are promoting and encouraging responsible woodland management that prioritises regeneration, protecting against deforestation, and ensuring the longevity of our precious natural resources.

This National Tree Week, LC Energy is at the forefront, championing responsible woodland management. Our focus lies in promoting regeneration, safeguarding against deforestation, and ensuring the longevity of our precious natural resources. The wood chip we produce stands as a testament to our commitment to sustainability. All our timber is sourced exclusively from local, sustainably managed forests, where each tree is meticulously felled under the authorisation of either an FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) license or the Forestry Commission, adhering to the highest standards of responsible forest management.

Investing in Britain’s Woodlands & Forests

By championing local timber growers, our support extends beyond mere production – it’s an investment in the entire woodland management cycle and the enduring health of Britain’s woodlands and forests. Together, we contribute to a future where responsible practices not only meet our current needs but safeguard the vitality of our natural resources for generations to come.

Promoting sustainable forestry practices and responsible woodland management during National Tree Week is more than a symbolic gesture; it’s a stride toward a future of sustainable ecosystems, thriving woodlands, and a planet that flourishes for generations to come. LC Energy stands committed to nurturing this vision, turning principles into impactful actions.

Celebrating National Tree Week

Celebrating national tree week we are exhibiting at and attending the Woodland Wonder: Surrey Hills Symposium 2023.  

The event will be held at the University of Surrey and will feature a marketplace showcasing local businesses offering nature-based experiences, forestry advisory services, artistic creations inspired by woodlands, and various partners. Attendees can indulge in light refreshments while exploring the marketplace, followed by engaging discussions and insights in the symposium held in the lecture theatre. Join the community in an afternoon of inspiration, environmental awareness, and appreciation for the vital role trees play in our lives and the health of the planet.

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