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LC Energy Gives Virtual Talk to Masters Students at the University of Surrey

Today our Stock and Sustainability coordinator, Zander Dale, gave a virtual talk to Masters students at the University of Surrey for one of their “Technology, Business & Research Seminars”. 

The aim of the seminar was to stimulate ideas amongst the students so that they may formulate a research proposal around the broad topic presented, as well as an opportunity to present opportunities within LC Energy to the University of Surrey’s MSc students, and discuss possible future collaborations with Surrey colleagues.

The presentation gave a broad overview of LC Energy, the UK biomass industry and our place in Governments plans to be Carbon Neutral by 2050. Covering topics including the necessity for Sustainable Woodland Management, improving air quality, reducing our environmental impact and advocating the utilisation for using biomass to decarbonise heat.

The presentation also looked at future risks and opportunities including tree planting, afforestation and carbon offsetting, tree pests and diseases, waste wood ash and and our aim of creating a sustainable culture throughout our entire supply chain and beyond.

The discussion held with the students of the University of Surrey was a fantastic way to stimulate ideas, engage in an open conversation about the world of forestry and biomass, serving to formulate potential research proposals that can help drive the industry forward.

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