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Hedgerow Planting at LC Energy’s Local Timber Depot

LC Energy are excited to celebrate national hedgerow week (May 29 – June 6, 2021). Hedgerows are the underappreciated heroes of Britain’s natural environment, supporting biodiversity, absorbing carbon and providing a lush green, calming setting.

In spring 2021, LC Energy, led by Zander Dale (Sustainability and Stock Coordinator), set out to plant a new native hedgerow at one of their main timber depots. Planting with Environmental Net Gain in mind, the new hedgerow will provide a biodiversity net gain, carbon sequestration and alleviate any nearby noise and air pollution.

With advice from Ashtrees Nursery, a mix of hardy native species were planted including Quickthorn, Blackthorn, Dog Rose, Common Dogwood, Crab Apple, Hazel, Field Maple, Guelder Rose and Holly. Using DEFRAS BNG Metric 2.0, the hedgerow will provide 5.37 new hedgerow units, while the Woodland Carbon Code metric estimates up to 10 tonnes of carbon could be sequestered over the hedgerow’s lifetime; almost enough to offset one UK citizens carbon footprint for one year.

To support biodiversity, the hedgerow will provide shelter and food for a mix of species, including being a valuable forage resource and corridor for the movement of pollinators. Carbon Dioxide will be taken in through the pores (stomata) and converted to make the wood structure of the plants, with the majority of the sequestration happening during the early growth phase of the plants, once the hedge is mature it will act as a carbon store.

As the hedgerow grows, it will act as a physical barrier with its leaves trapping airborne particulate pollution which can be washed away by rain or fall off with old leaves. The larger the hedgerow grows, the greater the potential noise pollution reduction (<8dB).

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