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Why Using A Woodsure Certified Supplier Is Important

LC Energy has been Woodsure accredited since 2012, Woodsure is a not-for-profit organisation (which this year became a DEFRA appointed certification body for the Ready to Burn Certification) that provides wood fuel quality assurance scheme.

The scheme assures consumers that wood fuel with the Woodsure accreditation has been checked and tested to internationally recognised standards ISO, EN and Önorm. Covering various forms of wood fuels, including woodchip, pellets, briquettes, firewood logs and hog fuel.

Customers across the South East can be assured that the wood pellets and wood chip supplied by LC Energy consists of the highest quality, fulfils manufacturer specifications and burs with optimum efficiency, without the risk of damage to your appliance.

Woodsure accredited fuel ensures:

  • The fuel is the correct size for the boiler feeder system.
  • The fuel has the correct moisture content.
  • Fulfilment of recognised standards.
  • Consistent product labelling between suppliers.


LC Energy can supply wood chip of the desired specification and moisture content to biomass boilers of all sizes from 15kW to 10MW and wood pellets that conform to the ENplus A1 and Biomass Suppliers List (BSL) standard.


Ready To Burn (firewood & briquettes)

Understanding that the biomass industry is evolving, sustainability requirements and standards are reviewed in line with the changing environment.

The Ready to Burn scheme aims to raise consumer awareness and the benefits of using clean, dry firewood and briquettes that have a moisture content less than 20%. This proves significant as The Air Quality (Domestic Solid Fuels Standards) (England) Regulations 2020 come into effect in May 2021, whereby the sale of firewood and briquettes for domestic properties must include the ‘Ready to Burn’ logo and other relevant information, in addition to prohibiting a moisture content higher than 20%.

For more information about our wood chip or pellets deliveries, please contact LC Energy via our online contact form, calling our Head Office on 01483 209360 or email us at info@LCEnergy.co.uk.

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