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What Is The GoodChips® Accreditation & Why Does LC Energy Have It?

The GoodChips® accreditation is an international quality certification for wood chips and hog fuel, allowing best practices to be distinguished in the market covering products, processes and quality management. This is a robust 12-class certification scheme for wood chips and hog fuel, catering to both industrial and domestic biomass fuel consumers. By being able to choose GoodChips® certified products, it ensures consistent quality, peace of mind and unlocks appliance efficiency potential.

LC Energy was the first company to be awarded the international GoodChips® accreditation in late 2019, which is still active today. This accreditation demonstrates the best practice implemented here at LC Energy and the consistent quality of our products. The GoodChips® International Management has also adopted a strict stance on trademark fraud, to ensure the value and credibility of the GoodChips® seal.

As stated in the REA Bioenergy Strategy 2019, the contribution of bioenergy to the UKs primary energy supply must more than double by 2023 to address the expected deficits to come from increased electricity demand (from the heat and transport sector) and energy gap in nuclear energy generation. It is essential to quantitatively demonstrate the quality of our wood fuel to support the growing bioenergy sector, even more so since the very recent announcement (April 2021) ‘Role of biomass in achieving net zero: call for evidence’ as the government aims to strengthen the evidence base surrounding biomass potential and where this fits within the UK’s net zero target.

Lucy Clark, Operations Director at LC Energy iterated when LC Energy was first awarded the GoodChips® certification in 2019, “The GoodChips® scheme is a vital part of this effort to ensure the highest governance and standards throughout the tree-to-heat supply chain” which is of “vital importance for continue growth and confidence in the bioenergy sector”.

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