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Mark Lebus, LC Energy, Managing Director, Appointed To Board of Bioenergy Europe.

At the European Bioenergy Future conference held in Hanover, Germany last week as part of the EnergyDecentral trade show, Bioenergy Europe revealed the election of the new board member Mark Lebus, LC Energy, Managing Director, expanding the board members to 18.

“The new Board, growing to 18 members this year, and including more companies, marks an increased effort to further understand and involve the market into decision making” said Jean-Marc Jossart, Secretay-General, Bioenergy Europe.

Founded in 1990 as the AEBIOM – European Biomass Association, Bioenergy Europe is a Brussells-based umbrella advocacy organisation whose members constitute national biomass and bioenergy associations in Europe. It is a joint voice and industry developer of European organisations and businesses.

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