Christmas trees in forest

Heathrow Airport’s 2018 Christmas Tree Is Donated By LC Energy From The Crown Estate

LC Energy supplies Heathrow’s energy centre with premium wood chip to produce heat and power for buildings and terminals across the airport. We are delighted to have been chosen this year to supply Heathrow Airport’s Head Office (Compass Centre) with the perfect Christmas tree for this holiday season.

The Christmas tree was generously donated by The Crown Estate Windsor, which provides home grown timber used in the Heathrow energy centre.

The day involved our team members Zander Dale and Amy Brand meeting with The Crown Estate’s Chief Forester John Deakin, on The Crown Estate to hand-pick and cut down the picture-perfect Christmas tree before its onward journey to the Compass Centre.

The tree stands at 2.5 meters tall, proudly situated in Heathrow Head Office for all the employees and thousands of visitors to enjoy.

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