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LC Energy has worked with CTG a IT application services company to define and build their sustainability strategy and provide ongoing support for development and implementation across their business.

CTG’s vision is to “Provide a full range of IT strategies, solutions, services and staffing that maximize the impact of technology and provide real business value for clients while nurturing a culture of sustainability through professional employee development, responsible environmental management and value for shareholders.”

Our expert Sustainability Consultants developed a strategy that aligned with CTG’s vision and values. The strategy will have a lasting, positive impact on the economy, society and the environment through partnerships with employees, suppliers and customers, good business ethics and responsible environmental management.


As a result of LC Energy’s work, CTG have seen immediate benefits:

  • Employee engagement and sustainability education workshops hosted by LC Energy
  • Marketing environmental savings and progress in delivering sustainability via CTG’s media channels
  • Utilise the sustainability audit, targets & achievements for tending processes
  • Performance assessment structure to monitoring water, energy and waste usage to make further reductions and savings
  • Office plants for employee well-being

Zander recently conducted our company’s first sustainability audit. It has been a real eye opener and a valuable service. Zander has recommended small but effective changes to reduce our footprint and CTG will be implementing the majority of Zanders recommendations. If our office was not in a shared business centre, we would be implementing all of them!Thank you so much for providing this service and making it such a positive experience!



Our Sustainability Consultancy experts can develop a credible sustainability strategy that will grow and have a lasting, positive impact on your business’s cost savings, operational efficiencies, employee well-being and retention, leadership, recognition and innovation, marketing and PR, unique selling point and reputation.

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