Tree planting at Englefield Estate

Englefield Estate Tree Planting Event with Heathrow Airport – Supporting Woodland Management

On the morning of Friday 27th October, LC Energy orchestrated a memorable trip to the breath taking Englefield Estate in Berkshire for our valued client, Heathrow Airport. The day was dedicated to the purposeful task of tree planting, a vital aspect of the estate’s all-encompassing woodland management scheme.


Exploring Seasonality, Eco-Friendly Practices and Championing Carbon Management

The day commenced with a scenic netwalk through Englefield Estate’s enchanting Kitchen Garden. Here, Sue Broughton, the Head Gardener, shared insights into the seasonality of produce, environmentally friendly gardening processes, and the estate’s steadfast commitment to a zero-food waste policy. It was a refreshing perspective on sustainable agriculture.

Richard Edwards, the Forestry Manager, also joined the conversation. He shed light on the estate’s commendable efforts to measure and reduce its carbon emissions, striving relentlessly toward a net-zero future. This includes responsible woodland management, a crucial aspect of their environmental stewardship.

Additionally, Mike Jones, the Carbon Management & Sustainability Executive at 5D Net Zero, participated in the event. He elaborated on how the consultancy supports businesses in their journey to continuously measure, reduce, and balance emissions in their transition to a net-zero operation. It was a testament to the commitment to sustainable practices within the corporate world.


The Hands-On Experience

Our team embarked on a mission to uplift heritage oak and sycamore saplings from within Englefield Estate’s very own kitchen garden tree nursery. With care and attention, we approached the delicate process of uprooting these saplings, ensuring the welfare of these young trees, and preserving their intact roots, to support their continued growth and development.

The team then shifted their focus to the task of planting oak and sycamore saplings. These saplings were strategically placed in the enchanting landscape of Englefield Estate, serving as vital elements within the framework of the estate’s holistic woodland management plan.

To provide the saplings with the optimal conditions for growth, we employed a combination of wooden stakes and environmentally friendly, recyclable plastic coverings. This meticulous approach was designed to ensure that the saplings had the best opportunity to thrive and grow without the risk of being nibbled on by ground-dwelling wildlife.

This systematic and environmentally conscious approach offers the woodlands of Englefield Estate the optimal conditions to thrive, ensuring their ongoing vitality and a lasting contribution to the natural harmony of the environment for generations to come.


A Heartfelt Thank You

It was a day filled with purpose and promise, LC Energy would like to say thank you to Englefield Estate and everyone who attended.


Our Ongoing Commitment

The LC Energy team has been actively involved in planting initiatives throughout the local area over the past few years. We take pride in our role in enhancing the ecology of our surroundings, benefiting the environment and local wildlife. Together, we continue to be stewards of positive change.

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