Bagged Wood Pellet Ordering & Delivery Schedule – 29th May Bank Holiday

Please see below our bagged wood pellet schedule for ordering and delivery dates over the 29th May Bank Holiday.

Please note the office is closed on the 29th May and there will be no deliveries on this day.


Each product has its own order cut off time, please see each individual product for this information.

Order Day

Next Day

2 Day Standard Delivery

3 Day Standard Delivery

Monday 22nd May – Before cut off timeTuesday 23rd MayWednesday 24th MayThursday 25th May
Tuesday 23rd May – Before cut off timeWednesday 24th MayThursday 25th MayFriday 26th May
Wednesday 24th May – Before cut off timeThursday 25th MayFriday 26th MayTuesday 30th May
Thursday 25th May – Before cut off timeFriday 26th MayTuesday 30th MayWednesday 31st May
Friday 26th May – Before cut off timeTuesday 30th MayWednesday 31st MayThursday 1st June
Saturday 27th May, Sunday 28th May & Monday 29th May  (Processed as Tuesday 30th May orders before cut off time)Wednesday 31st MayThursday 1st JuneFriday 2nd June

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