Grown in Britain launch

Mark Lebus, LC Energy MD, showed his support of the Government’s Grown in Britain movement by attending the launch event at the House of Commons on 15th October hosted by Owen Paterson MP Secretary of State for Environment and Sir Harry Studholme Chairman of the Forestry Commission.

The aim of Grown in Britain is to create a sustainable future for our woodlands and forests by bringing more woodland into active management and utilising the large volume of timber in overstocked British woodlands. The UK woodlands and forests are a precious and valuable resource, providing benefits to the people, the economy and the environment where their full potential can be realised by linking woodland management and development with commercial timber production.

LC Energy has been informing clients and local communities on the long term benefits of how wood fuel heating is directly linked to managed woodland and is delighted to support Grown in Britain whose aims reflect its own.

LC Energy’s values are about being Sustainable, Renewable, Accountable and Knowledgeable. LC Energy links the timber growers to the heat users in a sustainable, local and long term manner to ensure that woodlands are managed effectively and responsibly, thus bringing value to this much underutilized renewable resource.

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