There are a range of benefits of using wood fuel for your heating and energy needs.

Environmental benefits are important. Biomass fuel is considered carbon-neutral as the tree absorbs the same amount of energy when it is growing that is released when it is burnt. Therefore, it releases no extra carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, it encourages woodland owners to undertake woodland conservation, and sustainable tree felling, offering a long-term source of income, and protection of the environment. Using sustainable wood fuel reduces the pressure on non-renewable energy sources such as coal and oil, which are rapidly depleting. Unlike these sources, wood fuel offers fuel security because it cannot run out, and thus can be used continuously.

From the consumer point of view, wood fuel pricing remains more stable than oil, and doesn’t fluctuate as much. The pricing is becoming more competitive, and combined with the convenience and ease of use, wood fuel is being seen as more and more desirable in the energy market.

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