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Biomass Engineering Repairs: LC Energy Repairs Primary Heating Pipework For Local School

LC Energy helped a local school repair its primary heating pipework that links the biomass boiler to the swimming pool and classroom block. The repair involved cleaning the pipe insulation to investigate and identify the location of the leak, once this has been identified the damaged pipe was removed and the replacement part was welded in place. The repair was completed by covering the pipes with insulation to avoid heat loss.

The school Estate Manager was delighted with the work carried out and told LC Energy “There where a number of challenges that needed to be addressed including emergency short term repairs, welding within confined spaces, sourcing the necessary materials, along with pressure to carry out all works as quickly as possible. LC Energy managed the project effectively, communicated well and addressed any issues that arose within their scope of works.”

Whether you need maintenance, or installation of a new biomass boiler, construction of fuel stores, or improvements in space heating, heat distribution or radiators for your school or college, we can help. Our solutions will enable you to improve air temperature control within the classrooms, in order to ensure a warm learning environment no matter the time of year. In addition, we can supply sustainable and responsibly sourced wood chip or pellets for your biomass boiler. 

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