Reduce The Chance Of Costly Breakdowns Next Winter By Having Your Fuel Store Cleaned This Summer

The UK Pellet Council advise that you clean your fuel store during the summer months to reduce the chance of breakdowns in the winter leading to unnecessary maintenance and repair costs, saving you time and money.

Unless your wood fuel store is cleaned yearly, fines and dust may accumulate which can cause you problems with your boiler. A small amount of dust and fine particles are completely normal, but the build-up that occurs throughout the winter does need to be removed annually to maintain the smooth and efficient running of your system.

It is preferable to do this during the summer when your heating demands are at their least to minimise any disruption. Before the cleaning takes place it is best to let your store run down to as empty as possible, to reduce the amount of residual fuel to be disposed of and keep the cost to a minimum.

With our specialised equipment and experienced team, we meet the Health and Safety requirements necessary to provide a safe and efficient fuel store clean, ensuring your store is in optimum condition for re-stocking in preparation for the winter. We can arrange an immediate fuel delivery to avoid any delay in restarting your boiler.

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