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LC Energy Responds To UK Biomass Policy Statement

LC Energy is delighted by and welcomes The Biomass Policy Statement issued by the Department for Business Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) today which confirms that biomass has a role to play and is a vital resource for the key green technologies. 

Biomass systems are the most suitable solution especially in off-grid hard-to-heat areas of England, as they can deliver the heat you need, as well as decarbonise our economy. Sustainable biomass can improve air quality and the environment, help create new jobs and tackle climate change.

The Biomass Policy Statement has boosted the optimism within the sector allowing for further development and implementation of sustainable bioenergy across the UK.

It is important the critical role that bioenergy plays has been recognised, in its contribution towards the UK reaching Net Zero targets and the 1.5c Paris Agreement.

This all sets a strong framework for the Biomass Strategy to be released in 2022 and secures the long-term future of sustainable biomass in delivering NetZero by 2050.

For the full Biomass Policy Statement please click here.

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