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Free Delivery On Bagged Wood Pellets And Logs

At the beginning of 2015 we removed all standard delivery charges on orders of bagged wood pellets and logs to all postcodes within mainland England and Wales.

We have also introduced free standard shipping to most areas of Scotland for our Verdo wood pellets and 2m3 EU log crates. We hope that we can expand this to our other online wood pellet and log ranges within the year.

The price of wood pellets is now a lot higher than we were offering in January 2014. We want to reassure our customers that this is not a decision made by ourselves, all of our wood pellet producers increased their prices around September last year and so our prices had to increase with there’s towards the end of last year. We always aim to keep our wood pellet prices as low as possible and we are still offering our EN Plus A1 accredited Greenwood pellets for the great price of £242.00.

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