From January 1st 2015 reductions to both the Domestic and Commercial Renewable Heat Incentive tariffs for biomass boilers have been introduced.

Both the Domestic and Commercial tariffs have now been reduced by a further 10% meaning the following tariffs now apply.

2014 Tariff

New tariff from Jan 2015



Small Commercial


A 20% reduction in the domestic tariff was expected at the beginning of this year and so the 10% reduction will have come as a relief to a lot of people looking at applying this year. However, with the take up of biomass boilers being a lot higher than DECC’s expectations these tariffs are set to reduce significantly each quarter with talk of the scheme being stopped in Spring 2016.

If you are looking at applying for the RHI we are encouraging all of our customers to look into this sooner rather than later to ensure that you receive the best possible rate.

If you need advice on installing a system or would like advise on making an old system RHI compliant then please contact Ecolyf, by calling 08448 751320 or email info@ecolyf.co.uk.

Don’t forget: From Autumn 2015 RHI applicants must buy their wood pellets and wood chip from a BSL registered supplier. LC are registered suppliers for most* wood pellet brands and all wood chip.

* Greenwood pellets are not currently registered under the BSL.

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