Heathrow Airport Procurement team join LCE at a tree planting day at the Englefield Estate

LC Energy were very pleased to take Dianne Sanders and her team from Heathrow Airport Limited on a tree planting day at the Englefield estate under the guidance of their Head Forrester Rich Edwards and his team.

This is the fifth woodland event organised by LC Energy for HAL and it was great to see some old faces as well as a few new ones. The morning saw the team enthusiastically plant 370 alder saplings in a clearing on the estate, despite the very wet ground underfoot.

After a much deserved lunch, we were taken on a tour of the estate that included a tour of woodlands around the planting area, a visit to an active harvesting site and a wood sculpture workshop talk.

The harvesting site was of particular interest as we were able to watch huge spruce trees being felled, have the branches stripped and cut into logs in the space of a few minutes. The forwarder , see picture, is able to clear a site in days rather than the weeks it would have previously taken.

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