LC Energy Opens A New Bulk Blown Wood Pellet Distribution Hub In West Sussex

LC Energy have recently expanded their bulk blown wood pellet operation by acquiring a new hub in Arundel, West Sussex to distribute bulk blown wood pellets to Kent and the south coast in Sussex and Hampshire. This enables LC Energy to expand its local hub model and extend its range of stock and delivery options for blown pellets to meet the growing demand for biomass supply in this area.

LC Energy is a leading supplier of bulk blown wood pellets across southern England with EN Plus A1 and BSL supplier accreditations. Our drivers are some of the most knowledgeable in the UK and we place customer satisfaction, safety and quality  at the heart of our service. We take seriously our responsibilities to our customers and are committed to helping them live more  sustainable lives.

Whether you want a biomass CHP system, a heating system or just top grade fuel, whether you are a family home or an  international airport we can share our years of experience and knowledge with you to ensure you get the best possible solution.  Our commitment is that each of our customers receives the same high standards irrespective of their size or requirements  whether you require 3 tonnes or 13 tonnes.

At LC Energy we understand the critical importance of continuous wood fuel supply and with over 8 years practical experience our drivers are certified and highly experienced in bulk blown pellet deliveries. Our team will take the time to assess your storage facilities to ensure optimum pellet quality for your boiler because customer satisfaction is our priority at all times whether you require 3 tonnes or 13 tonnes. For best practice we strongly advise you to consult the Storage and Handling guide on UK Pellet Council Website.

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