LC Energy Managing Director Mark Lebus is helping to plant 1,500 tree saplings.

LC Energy Tree Planting Press Release

PRESS RELEASE: LC Energy plants 1,500 saplings
Armed with spades, mallets and nearly 200 three-year-old oak saplings, the MD of LC Energy, Mark Lebus, led his team deep into the countryside at Capel, near Dorking, on Thursday December 8:

Their mission – to re-plant an ancient wood.

LC Energy, based on the North Downs near Guildford, is one of the UK’s leading suppliers of low carbon energy services and wood fuel, supplying sustainable wood chip to clients ranging from BAA Stansted and Heathrow Airports and Hilton Hotel Group to Guildford Borough Council, the University of Surrey, schools and care homes.

The woodchip is sourced from sustainably managed woodlands in the Surrey Hills region, Surrey being the most densely wooded counties in England with huge potential as a source of renewable energy.

“It is important that woodland in Surrey is managed and felled areas re-planted,” said Mark Lebus. “LC Energy is delighted to have the opportunity to replant Oxpasture Wood at Pleystowe Farm. Planting young trees and harvesting mature timber are both part of the cycle of life in healthy woodlands, promoting a variety of habitats and encouraging biodiversity. We buy all our timber from sustainable sources and as part of the process will plant saplings to ensure continuity of growth.”

Overseeing the planting was consultant woodland manager Laurence Crow, who has been coppicing and replanting the farm’s woodlands for the last 15 years. “Investing in the planting of trees is an example of good business practice,” he said, “These oak trees from Oakover Nursery in Kent will produce top quality timber. Oaks are my favourite tree. They support around 270 species and they will grow tall, with their canopies above the hornbeam.

“In 20 years’ time, the trees planted today will be thinned for firewood, in 40-60 years, some will be taken out for saw logs for beams for timber framed buildings and in 80 years’ time more of them will be harvested. So we are planting for the next generation.”

The oaks were planted in groups among old hornbeam and ash coppice stools. “Some ash stools are up to 1,000 years old,” said Laurence, “The coppice will grow back and we will continue to manage it so that the trees have space and light to grow.”

Mark continued “We had a tremendous day out with Laurence and will continue to run workshops for our clients, local communities and friends to demonstrate the benefits of timber sustainability. If anyone wishes to join the next workshop please do not hesitate to contact our office”.

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