LC Energy Install A Gilles Biomass Boiler For Drying Barn Project

LC Energy are installing a 999kW Gilles biomass boiler at their hub in Hertfordshire for the purposes of drying wood chip for fuel. The project includes a modular plant room and an industrial system comprising 2 x 500 Kw UK Exchanger fans, ducting and bins.

LCE are a highly-accredited supplier of wood chip for biomass across southern England and the home counties and the facility to dry chip to the required moisture content within a matter of days, will greatly add to the quality, availability and resilience of the fuel on offer.

Work commenced in January with the arrival of the boiler on site and has proceeded at a pace, with commissioning expected mid- March.

Mark Lebus, Managing Director of LCE seen here overseeing the arrival of the boiler, says ‘This is a major installation project for LC Energy and reflects our commitment to our customers, suppliers and the future growth of the company’.

Although a considerable investment for the company, the RHI remains a viable way to re-coup the capital investment over the payback period, and we would recommend 2017 as an optimum time to install medium (200-999Mw) commercial biomass systems.’

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