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Mark Lebus, UKPC Chair To Talk At Wood Heat 2020 Virtual Event

Mark Lebus, Managing Director of LC Energy and Chair of the UK Pellet Council (UKPC), will be talking at this years Wood Heat Virtual Event. Unlike previous years The Wood Heat Conference 2020 will be online with a series of sessions between 19th – 22nd October 2020.  

On Thursday 22nd October at the Next Steps for Biomass Heat session, Mark Lebus as Chair, of UKPC will be discussing what is next for wood heat in the UK and the potential of biomass for the future.

The conference will focus on how the UK heat policy continues to underestimate the potential for the technology, allowing the gap the Government must fill to meet its heat decarbonisation targets to get larger. The key objective of this year’s conference is to continue to demonstrate the essential role biomass heat has in meeting this challenge, ahead of the publication of the Government’s Heat in Buildings Strategy expected later this year.

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