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LC Energy has worked with Fourth Pillar a IT services company to define and build their sustainability strategy and provide ongoing support for development and implementation across their business.

Fourth Pillar’s vision is to “Become a trusted, reliable and valued partner while creating a culture of sustainability though professional employee development, responsible environmental management and value for our shareholders. together we can build a stronger world”.

Our expert Sustainability Consultants developed a strategy that aligned with Fourth Pillar’s vision and values. The strategy will have a lasting, positive impact on the economy, society and the environment through utilisation of strong partnerships in the supply chain, continuing to work with stakeholders to devise solutions and meet set goals and initiating change to create a future where the business, people and environment can thrive.


As a result of LC Energy’s work, Fourth Pillar have seen immediate benefits:

  • Waste management procedures are now in place
  • Endeavouring to go paperless with support from LC Energy
  • Marketing environmental savings and progress in delivering sustainability via Fourth Pillar’s media channels
  • Increase customer engagement & awareness
  • Utilising the sustainability audit, targets & achievements for tending processes
  • Performance assessment structure to monitoring water, energy and waste usage to make further reductions and savings


Our Sustainability Consultancy experts can develop a credible sustainability strategy that will grow and have a lasting, positive impact on your business’s cost savings, operational efficiencies, employee well-being and retention, leadership, recognition and innovation, marketing and PR, unique selling point and reputation.

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