Summer Fuel Store Clean Out to Achieve Optimum Combustion

During the summer months, it is a good time to think about running your fuel store down and cleaning it out as early as possible before the winter months arrive. It is advised that you clean your pellet store annually to ensure you get the most from your pellet boiler. It is important that your storage and handling system is correctly designed, constructed and maintained. This ensures that pellets arrive in your boiler in the best state to achieve optimum combustion to provide you with economical, trouble-free heating and hot water.

With every delivery and subsequent transfer of pellets to the boiler, there is an element of dust created by pellet attrition which will accumulate over time. This may not be visible from the inspection hatch of the fuel store as dust can collect on the wall of the fuel store and in the augers, pellets can stick to the dust and can eventually lead to the auger blocking in due time causing a considerable amount of damage.

Our engineering division can clean your fuel store for you or in some circumstances is possible to do this yourself however we advise for best safe practice that you see the HSE Safety Notice as shown on the UK Pellet Council Website and our dedicated FAQ’s webpage. LC Energy will provide a quick and efficient cleaning service by a team of specialised and trained engineers, with the right equipment and experience to ensure your fuel store is suitably equipped for your summer wood pellet refills in preparation for the winter.

Please go to our dedicated cleaning your wood fuel store page for more information and to receive a quote for our fuel store cleaning services.

Clean out your pellet store this summer & get 5% off when you re-fill with bulk blown wood pellets from LC Energy. Offer valid on one full load of bulk blown wood pellets ordered and delivered before August 31st 2015.

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