Biomass for Buckingham Palace?

Could biomass be the answer to the Queen’s £5m fuel bill?

Our MD, Mark Lebus, spoke to Charles Clover – environmental columnist for The Sunday Times – last week to discuss the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) and the prospect of the Queen’s estates using biomass to lower their £5m fuel bill. The article was published in The Sunday Times on Sunday 2nd February. To see the full article visit the Sunday Times website.

Here’s an extract from the published article:

‘The Queen’s keep-calm-and-carry-on attitude to draughts is endearing. But it means that like 2.39m of her subjects’ households, she qualifies as fuel-poor, spending more than 10% of her income on keeping warm.’

‘Biomass can be cheaper if you own a wood. Many big estates know this already. The firm of fuel suppliers I spoke to last week, LC Energy, already has 60 on its books. But wood chips, or the denser, more calorific pellets, can offer a viable form of heating in towns too. LC Energy supplies Heathrow terminal 2, which generates its heat and electricity from a plant that finds its wood chips less than 100 miles away.

‘Where biomass looks most attractive is where there is a large heating demand with a wood out the back. Sandringham, Windsor and Balmoral come to mind.’

‘The domestic Renewable Heat Incentive, which starts this spring, will bring biomass within reach of many households. The government is giving £1,000 a year for 15 years to people who fit and use biomass boilers.’

‘As long as biomass comes only from local woodlands, it is probably the most desirable form of subsidised energy,’ writes Charles.

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