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Biomass Leaders Call For Change Following UK Government’s pledge for net Zero Emissions by 2050

Following the Government’s announcement to make the UK the first G7 nation to legislate for net zero emissions, biomass industry leaders are now calling on ministers to urgently take heed of key findings from the Renewable Energy Association’s (REA) newly-published ‘Bioenergy Strategy’ report, and recognise biomass as the most fit-for-purpose, proven solution to deliver heat decarbonisation when the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) ends in 2021.

Mark Lebus, Chairman of the UK Pellet Council and Managing Director of LC Energy, explained, “The evidence is compelling. Bioenergy could, as part of a longer-term vision, continue to play a highly-effective role in cutting UK carbon emissions, become the preferred option when shaping future policy and see consumer demand increase from 5.5% in 2020 to 15% in 2032*, creating over 100,000 jobs. Looking ahead, biomass heating must be at the centre of all rural economic and energy initiatives given that the RHI scheme ends shortly.

“In the context of a climate emergency, ministers cannot afford to solely rely on as yet unproven technologies which are years away from commercialisation. Biomass is already a well-established energy resource in the UK, especially in rural areas, so it would be ludicrous not to consider it in future policy. We have made a promising start transitioning to low carbon with the RHI scheme but with only 20% of targets achieved, ministers simply have not got time to deliberate on our country’s future.

“We need to drive change quickly using biomass heat as a proven technology. Our campaign will stimulate discussion with Government and provide a real case for sustainable biomass within the UK’s future heat decarbonisation strategy.”

Click here to read the full WHA press release.

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