Wooden logs, freshly cut from trees.

KILN DRIED LOGS – New to LC Energy Fuel Range

LC Energy expanded it’s wood fuel range this week to include kiln dried hardwood logs, and seasoned softwood logs. The logs are available from our pellet store and are distributed through out mainland UK.

The range includes UK sourced hardwood logs that have been kiln dried using energy from biomass, and naturally seasoned UK softwood logs both from sustainably managed sources.

We also sell kiln dried logs from Europe – these hardwood logs have been kiln dried at source and shipped to our distributor in the midlands. The timber has been responsibly sourced, and the large quantities that are shipped at a time, keeps the carbon foot print low.

LC Energy prides itself in offering top quality products at competitive prices, with first class customer service. Our purchasing department constantly monitor competitor prices to make sure our customers get the best possible deal. Our distribution networks are regularly reviewed to ensure our costs are kept low, and the service they provide to our customers matches our high expectations.

Our efforts are rewarded by our growing customer base, many of whom now re-order on a regular basis.


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