New Biomass Guide from CIBSE launched at the National Wood Fuel Conference

CIBSE’s new publication AM15: Biomass heating is being made available as a no cost download at, following its launch at the National Woodfuel Conference on 17 October 2014.

Biomass has become one of the key low carbon technologies expected to help the UK achieve its tough 2020 carbon reduction targets, but this emerging industry has been hampered by lack of specialist expertise and comprehensive technical guidance. A Carbon Trust report in 2012 stated that many large construction projects treat biomass systems like standard gas boiler installations, the end result being failure to achieve expected cost and carbon savings. According to the Carbon Trust, a survey in 2010 revealed that only 30% of installations were working well. Even more seriously, this lack of knowledge is compromising safety – with dangers ranging from explosions due to build up of flue gases, to carbon monoxide poisoning and farmer’s lung.

This brand new publication is designed to tackle these risks and poor performance by providing detailed guidance on the fundamental engineering principles and practices necessary to design, install and operate safe, effective and economic biomass systems. (Source CIBSE)

LC Energy’s wealth of experience in biomass sytems has meant that we have been at the forefront of identifying problems with poorly thought through biomass systems and we have the expertise and experience to rectify the problems, from the installation through to the fuel supply.If you have had a system that has not been properly installed, and perhaps has not even been used, then please contact us and our experienced engineers can help you re-establish an efficient and fully functioning biomass system.

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