LC Energy Install Containerised Boiler Solution at Colchester Zoo

LC Energy have installed two ETA e-PE-K 120kw biomass boilers in a containerised solution at Colchester Zoo. The boilers are the first ePE-Ks in the UK to be fitted with electrostatic precipitators ensuring no emissions, fumes or smoke. The containerised solution was constructed off site, delivered and fully up and running all within 10 weeks, this is ideal for commercial operations and for small local heating networks.

Colchester Zoo is already using biomass to provide heat and hot water to the chimps, bears, lions and lorakeets. The new biomass installation will heat a total 5 areas across the Zoo including the new admissions and ticket office, play area, Kalahari theatre and animal kitchen, keeping the Zoo’s visitors, staff and animals warm.

LC Energy delivered the commissioning load of wood pellet fuel and will continue to deliver fuel on demand.

If you would like to watch our installation at Colchester Zoo please visit our YouTube channel.

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