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LC Energy donate to ‘Trees For Cities’

Christmas is a time for giving, and with this in mind, LC Energy have decided to make a charitable donation to Trees for Cities this year.

Trees for Cities is a charity dedicated to planting trees all over the world with the purpose of developing the ecological value of the area, whilst improving living conditions for those who live there.

In the UK, urban areas such as parks, streets, schools and housing estates are developed into a much greener, and cleaner environment. To date, Trees for Cities has planted over 200,000 trees in 16 cities in 13 countries, such as Nairobi, Tanzania, and Peru.

Their aim is to plant 1 million trees in urban areas by 2020, and we can help reach this goal by donating money for supplies or volunteering time to help with the planting process.

LC Energy decided to contribute to this cause, in the hope of improving the ecology of the areas in which we live, as part of our effort to create a sustainable, environmentally-friendly future.

If you would like further information, or to donate time or money to this valuable cause, please visit the Trees for Cities website.

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