Mark Lebus, LC Energy Managing Director Appointed As Chair Of UK Pellet Council

LC Energy is delighted to announce that Mark Lebus, LC Energy, Managing Director, has been appointed as Chair of the UK Pellet Council. Mark Lebus has also recently been apportioned to the board of Bioenergy Europe.

The UK Pellet Council (UKPC) is a trade body, hosted by the Renewable Energy Association (REA), which represents the interests of the UK wood pellet sector. Its members are manufacturers and distributors of wood pellets for heating. These issues include standardisation and certification of pellet quality, safety, and security of supply, education and training.

The role of the UK Pellet Council is to manage the license for ENplus® in the UK. The ENplus®quality certification is a major step towards establishing pellets as a widely used energy commodity. For the first time numerous national standards and certifications are replaced by one uniform system based on the ISO 17225-2 standard for wood pellets (previously EN 14961-2).

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