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LC Energy have a 5-year biomass boiler engineering contract with Godalming Leisure Centre in Surrey, in conjunction with Places for People Leisure and Waverly Borough Council. The contract includes both planned and reactive maintenance: one major service, one interim service, and one flue clean per annum, as well as call-out support.  In addition, since 2012 we have supplied Godalming Leisure Centre with a reliable source of wood fuel. Fuel quality checks and monthly RAG reports are also carried out so Godalming remain informed and in control of their heating, and the performance of both boiler and fuel.


No matter the size, we can supply fuel and engineering services to heat Leisure Centres throughout the year. We can help reduce your carbon footprint by using biomass technologies, a reliable and renewable heating solution. In addition, you will become eligible to receive payments from the government with the Renewable Heat Incentive Scheme, which rewards domestic and non-domestic customers for using renewable energy sources. We will monitor fuel levels and deliver when supplies are sufficiently depleted. A quick turnaround for delivery also ensures that the fuel store is never fully empty.


Premium Wood Fuel Products meeting the highest quality criteria ensuring a clean, and efficient burn. Our pellets are ENPlus A1 approved and our chip is WoodSure Plus approved. We are a member of the Biomass Suppliers List, which ensures sustainable woodland management and fuel supply. In addition, you can claim grants from the government as part of the RHI scheme when using our products.

Expert Engineers: Our engineers are Napitt MCS approved to install, maintain and repair your biomass system, irrespective of whether LC Energy provided the original installation. We have a range of ad-hoc, annual, or long-term service and maintenance contracts suitable for biomass systems, heat pumps and solar thermal panels. Contact our engineering team to find out how we can help you.

An Excellent Reputation: LC energy are dedicated to providing innovative and reliable heating services to domestic and corporate customers nationwide. We ensure each customer receives the same high quality standards, irrespective of size or requirement. This promise is key for our pursuit to become the UK’s pre-eminent provider of high quality renewable heating services and fuel supply.

Renewable and Sustainable Heating Solutions which will not compromise the natural environment. We are committed to responsible and sustainable sourcing of raw materials from local woodlands, providing value to local land owners whilst reducing long-distance transportation. Our aim is to inspire every heat energy user to adopt a low-carbon and long-term renewable alternative to fossil fuel energy.


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