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LC Energy has worked with Burrito Loco a local Mexican restaurant to define and build their sustainability strategy and provide ongoing support for development and implementation across their business.

Burrito Loco’s vision is to “Serve authentic (and delicious) Mexican food that is fresh, healthy and sustainable”.

Our expert Sustainability Consultants developed a strategy that aligned with Burrito Loco’s vision and values. The strategy will have a lasting, positive impact on the economy, society and the environment through utilisation and purchasing power to drive green change throughout the supply chain, continuing to play a positive role in the community and by embedding responsible and environmental management throughout all operations and procedures.


As a result of LC Energy’s work, Burrito Loco have seen immediate benefits:

  • Food waste is now used in anaerobic digesters, creating bio-gas utilised by the national grid, as well as fertiliser for local farmland
  • 93% of food packaging is now compostable
  • Saving £314.22 & 350 kg C02 per year by switching 50 LED  light bulbs
  • Saving 5% on energy bills
  • Marketing environmental savings and progress in delivering sustainability via Burrito Loco’s media channels
  • Increase customer engagement & awareness
  • Utilising the sustainability audit, targets & achievements for tending processes

“LC Energy have been fantastic in coming to Burrito Loco and carrying out a sustainability audit for the business, highlighting key areas that we missed or hadn’t even taken into consideration regarding sustainability within the company. Our sustainability coordinator Alexander Dale has been professional and very understanding towards the audit, he has pointed out all the areas that need improvement and has provided two reports that are in depth with all the findings. We are looking forward to the next stage with LC Energy and having their support while we look to improve our environmental impact for the future.”

– Miguel Cavaller, Managing Director


Our Sustainability Consultancy experts can develop a credible sustainability strategy that will grow and have a lasting, positive impact on your business’s cost savings, operational efficiencies, employee well-being and retention, leadership, recognition and innovation, marketing and PR, unique selling point and reputation.

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