Most pallet deliveries will be made on an 18-tonne lorry, which is 13 m long and 2.8 m wide. They come equipped with a hand pump pallet truck to help the driver move the pallet off the lorry.

Customers can request a 7.5 tonne lorry if access is restricted. Most of the delivery companies will endeavour to meet this request, but we cannot guarantee availability. The width of this lorry is the same as the 18-tonne lorry, there is just a difference in the length. The maximum weight for a 7.5 tonne vehicle is 2 pallets.

Our Terms and Conditions state that delivery is to kerbside only. Individual delivery companies have their own regulations as to whether they will come up a drive or deliver beyond kerbside, but this is outside our customer agreement.

If you have any specific delivery requirements, please state them in the order notes at the checkout, along with the vehicle requirement.

Have a look at our delivery guidelines for more information about when your order is likely to arrive.

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