For wood pellet pallet deliveries, the majority will be made on an 18-tonne lorry, which is 13m long and 2.8 m wide. They all come equipped with a hand pump pallet truck to help the driver move the pallet off the lorry

Customers can request a 7.5 tonne lorry if access is restricted, and although most of the delivery companies will endeavour to meet this request, we cannot guarantee this. Before requesting a 7.5t vehicle please be aware that the difference is only in the length, the width of the 18t and 7.5t is the same. The maximum weight for a 7.5t vehicle is 2 pallets and this service will not be available for any orders over this amount. If your pallet is delivered on a 7.5t vehicle half of the bags will have to be hand balled off before the pallet is light enough to be lowered on the tail lift.

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